Judge Jeanine: The time to declare a national emergency is now [VIDEO]


“The issue:  Border security.

“The wedge: The partial government shutdown.”

“The collateral damage: Federal employees who didn’t get a paycheck on Friday,” was the Judges hard opening.

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Partial Excerpt:

Yet they refuse to negotiate, sit for serious talks, or work for the safety and security of the American people.

Their mantra? There is no crisis at our open porous borders.

Their goal? Destroy Donald Trump.

And Friday there were reports that an even larger caravan is staging in Honduras about to cause an even greater burden on our border patrol and the system.

The president has shown he is capable of negotiating. He has gone from a concrete wall to a steel slat barrier… He’s willing to go with any barrier — any physical barrier that you cannot climb over, crawl under, rappel, or shoot yourself out of a cannon over.

He’s made concessions from $25 billion to $5 billion.

From a concrete barrier to a steel one.

He’s promising more personnel, detention beds, using technology and electronics to buttress the security and money to address the humanitarian needs.

In spite of his negotiations, the Democrats refuse to budge.

Curiously, some Democrats are peeling away from the rigid non-negotiable stance of Nancy Pelosi. They include Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, Sen. Angus King of Maine, Sen. Jeff Merkeley of Oregon, Rep. Cheri Bustos of Illinois, Rep. John Sarbanes of Maryland.

I have a solution….”



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The Blue Checkmark Brigade have come out in full force just like we knew that they would. After all, they can’t stand the idea of not having an iron grip on all your information. They don’t want Conservatives to have anything that prevents the big tech oligarchs from spying, censoring, and banning anything that isn’t “politically correct” or is “out of context” as Facebook loves to say as an excuse for suppression.
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