Kellyanne Conway defends Trump’s decision to order the airstrike against Soleimani [VIDEO]

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway says Trump knows he was on solid ground to take out Soleimani. Qassem Soleimani was a violent man who lived a violent life. The Iranian major general lived by the sword and died by the drone. Soleimani’s death was a long time coming, and it is chiefly mourned by those who are seeking a similar end.

We can dispense with questions over whether the attack that killed Soleimani was an illegal assassination as opposed to a legitimate act in the war on terrorism. The United States has been conducting such strikes for years, and President Barack Obama faced no serious pushback for using drones to prosecute the conflict.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force that Soleimani commanded was a U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization, which gave its members the same status as al-Qaida, the Islamic State or any other terrorist group.

According to the Pentagon, Soleimani was actively planning attacks against American forces, something he had done many times. Those politicians who question whether President Donald Trump had the legal right to conduct the strike can suggest adding it as another article of impeachment if they dare.

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