Krassenstein Brothers PERMANENTLY suspended from Twitter; Receive SUPPORT from Unlikely Source

The notorious Krassenstein Brothers Brian and Ed who are well known for their hatred for President Trump have been permanently banned from twitter.

Ed Krassenstein posted an official statement to facebook:

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“Twitter claims that we manipulated our interactions through the purchase of fake accounts and fake interactions.

We have never once acquired anything for the purpose of increasing our Twitter presence. In fact, we avoided using any platforms residing outside of Twitter’s own technology to manage our accounts for fear we would be accused of using automated tools, which we have avoided since launching our accounts. 

We both operated secondary accounts that were used for the purpose of viewing accounts that threatened us and our family in various ways before blocking our main accounts. Those threats included, on at least one occasion, someone showing up at our house to take pictures of our homes. All of those interactions were reported to local authorities and the FBI. We also operated several business accounts registered to our same email address. Those accounts were registered with each businesses name. None of those accountswere ever used for manipulative purposes as Twitter claims. We have requested that Twitter investigate our suspensions further and we are confident that they will see that their suspension was a mistake.

Their are mixed reactions, but one thing is for certain.  Many Conservatives; though they strongly disagree with just about every thing the Krassenstein’s stand for politically, are coming to their defense.

Carpe Donktrum, who was actually reported by the Krassenstein’s said this in reference to their suspension: “No one should be denied platform access, even people that tried to get me banned, Bring them back @TwitterSafety.”

Conservative comedian Tim Young also agreed:

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Conservative twitter regular Tamara Leigh who also suffered a permanent suspension said this, “As one whose original account was permanently suspenddd (& everything stolen), I agree that suspensions are wrong (unless criminal) and should not happen no matter what side.”


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