Leftists Not Content With Banning Films And Toppling Statues, Now Targeting Disneyland


The “happiest place on Earth” and the most famous theme park in America could soon be radically changed because of the leftists’ endless demands.

Petitions are now circulating social media demanding Disney to revamp its Splash Mountain ride, one of its most famous and dearly beloved rides because the attraction is loosely based on a dated cartoon.

“Disney parks should be a home for all to enjoy regardless of race, age, whatever your background may be. The classic log flume ride Splash Mountain is featured in Disneyland, Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland. While the ride is considered a beloved classic, its history and storyline are steeped in extremely problematic and stereotypical racist tropes from the 1946 film “Song of the South,” read the Change.org petition.

Although Splash Mountain is enjoyed by countless families and people every day, it is now just seen as another “racist” depiction that the left’s want to destroy. “There is a huge need for diversity in the parks, and this could help fill that need,” the petition continued.

The activists are suggesting that instead of keeping Splash Mountain, why not revamp it into a Princess and the Frog section. “Princess and the Frog is a beloved princess movie but has very little representation in the parks. Tiana could be one of the first princesses with a thrill ride, as well as giving her a much-deserved place in the parks,” the petition explained.

These kinds of demands come after the death of George Floyd, and as rioters continue to wreak havoc across the country. Last week leftists called out the iconic American classic Gone With the Wind for its racist depiction of blacks, ending up with HBO Max banning it from its platform. Then, as the calls for “defund the police” continued on the internet and left-wing politicians, long-running TV series Cops had been canceled. This follows the left’s call to ban films and TV shows that depicted cops as the “good guys.”

But aside from their endless petitions and their love for cancel culture, the rioters have turned their anger to iconic and historic statues and symbols across the nation. Reports of rioters toppling over Christopher Columbus statues and other Confederate statues and monuments circulated last week, saying that the reason they are taking down Columbus’ statues is because he was a symbol of “genocide against Native Americans.” The display of Confederate flags has also been banned by NASCAR and even the US Navy. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also called for the removal of Confederate statues at Capitol Hill.

Now, it’s clearer than ever that the America that the radical left wants looks nothing like the America we know and love.

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