Libs MELT DOWN, Over Airmen Wearing ‘Make Aircrew Great Again’ Patches

Just the notion of someone supporting President Trump generally sends many liberals off the rails, but a recent photograph from late last night aboard the USS Wasp has them “melting down.”

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According to The Federalist Papers, when President Trump visited the USS Wasp during his trip to Japan several crew members were spotted with “Make Aircrew Great Again” patches.

The patches feature a likeness of President Trump in the center and have been around since at least 2017.

To get a better view of the patch, here is a larger image.

Throwing water on the phony fire many Dems are trying to create, the Patches have been around since 2017 and were not handed out by the President or his team.

“New” pictures of the patches led to a complete and total meltdown by those on the left:

Bryan Braga likened the photos to a dictatorship.

The Federalist Papers also noted the continued meltdown saying, “The lefty temper tantrum over the patches continued and went downhill from there.

Resist Kathy who tagged Ted Leiu in her post stated, “This is a violation of Article 134 of the UCMJ. This can’t be tolerated! When I swore my oath in 1975 it was to my country, not to a potus, and nothing has changed. Wearing patches or insignia in fealty to President is no different than showing fealty to a dictator.”

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What are your thoughts of the “Make Aircrew Great Again” patches?


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