Lindsey Graham Rips NOAA Investigation Calls it ‘A Bunch of Garbage’

Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed an investigation into Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross allegedly threatening to fire people at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for contradicting President Trump’s assertion that Hurricane Dorian could hit Alabama.

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“I could give a crap,” the South Carolina Republican said Tuesday after Fox News host Bret Baier asked him about reports that Ross threatened to fire people at the Birmingham National Weather Service. “I could care less. This whole thing is a bunch of garbage.”

Graham, 64, said the narrative of the situation had been exploited by people who hate Trump.

“The president did have a model where it could hit Alabama if it went through Florida. This is the Trump world. The guy can’t do anything without getting criticized by a bunch of people who just hate his guts and I’m not playing that game.”


Ross allegedly threatened to fire top officials at the NOAA if they did not keep forecasters in line who had contradicted Trump’s belief that the hurricane could hit Alabama. A department spokesperson told the Washington Examiner the report was false.

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The case is now being investigated by the inspector general of the Commerce Department.

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