Commemorative Coin Company Sends 2000 BRICKS To Nancy Pelosi

Yes you heard it correctly, the DJT collectors club is helping send a message to Speaker Pelosi.

According to the Club, just prior to the publishing of this article; they have sent 2,203 bricks to Speaker Pelosi since January 1st.

Here’s how they put it:

“For every Build The Wall Coin ordered we’ll send a foam Build The Wall brick to the office of Nancy Pelosi in Washington D.C.”  

“You’ll receive a Build The Wall Coin & Nancy will receive a brick!”

We’ll even email you a video when we send the next round of bricks!”

“(2,203 Bricks Sent To Nancy Pelosi in 2019)”

UPDATE:  Bricks are now able to be personalized.

Established last year, the DJT collectors club offers a wide range of Commemorative memorabilia focused on President Trump.

That have touted strong membership and repeat customers and have grown significantly in the past few months.

Seen here shared by “The Peoples Choice, ” The ad is beginning to make it’s rounds on social media.

Additional parts of the ad read, “Let’s show the OPEN BORDERS obstructionist Democrats WE THE PEOPLE Demand The Wall by FLOODING Nancy Pelosi’s office with BUILD THE WALL Bricks!

It continues by highlighting that “Nancy Pelosi & the Democrats are holding our government hostage because she doesn’t care about the safety of the American people!!!”

“We’ve had enough of the Democrats prioritizing illegals over Americans! Imagine Nancy’s disgust when boxes and boxes of Build The Wall Bricks arrive at her office!”

We’ll do the work of sending a brick to Nancy and you’ll get your very own Build The Wall coin for yourself! You can even add a special message if you’d like or you can remain anonymous! Remember, if you buy 1 coin for yourself, we’ll send 1 brick to Nancy! If you buy 2 coins for yourself, we’ll send 2 bricks to Nancy!

The entire ad can be seen here:


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