Massachusetts Mayor First In Line For Recreational Marijuana Sale

On November 20th, 2018 the Mayor of Massachusetts became the first person to purchase Marijuana from a legal recreational shop with in state lines.

CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil reports from Northampton, Massachusetts, where one of two stores opening in the state is located and where David Narkewicz will welcome legal recreational marijuana as both the ceremonial first customer and the town’s mayor the network reported.

“I think there’s a lot going on here in trying to bring marijuana out of the shadows,” Narkewicz said.

Massachusetts will be the 7th State to open retail marijuana shops.

Narkewicz was asked whether the purchase is simply ceremonial or it will be consumed, Narkewicz replied, “I am actually going to probably preserve it and display it…because it is historically significant.”

With all supporters there are doubters.  One of those who are skeptical is Dr. Sharon Levy who runs the adolescent substance use and addiction program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“Instead of saying, ‘Well, we’ll assume these things are safe until they’re proven harmful,’ maybe we should be saying ‘These things might be harmful until they’re proven safe.’ I don’t think that’s something we’ve done a very good job with,” Levy said.

Amanda Rositano, the director of operational compliance for New England Treatment Access – or NETA – which sells a great deal of cannabis products including joints, buds, oils and edibles to anyone over the age of 21 also weighed in

“I think dependence can be an issue just like dependence can be an issue when it comes to ice cream. We will advocate using moderation, educate people about cannabis.” she stated.

Massachusetts law allow shops to sell each customer no more than an ounce of flower or 20 servings of edibles  and both must be in child-resistant packaging. For now, those restrictions and others are good enough for the Mayor.

“There has been marijuana use going on in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for a long, long time. What’s changing is it’s now being regulated. It’s now being tested. It’s now being strictly monitored. That’s really the major change that’s happening,” Narkewizc said.

Here is what Narkewicz told CBS Boston one day prior to attending the ceremonial grand opening he attended today.

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