Maxine Waters Claims Without Evidence that Jeffrey Epstein Was One of Trump’s ‘Best Friends’

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters claimed that President Trump was one of Jeffrey Epstein’s “best friends” during a Tuesday night interview on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes.

During a rant against the president, Waters dropped the tidbit tying Trump to the alleged sexual predator, who was found dead of an apparent suicide in his Manhattan prison cell last month.

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“The American people are sick and tired of this president who has a reputation,” she began. “Not only for being a con artist but who has disrespected women. Talked about grabbing women by their private parts. One of his best friends, who supposedly committed suicide in prison, was a pedophile. And he knew it because he even said he knew that he liked young girls. Who is this awful, terrible man?”


“I don’t know if it’s been established that he was a best friend with Mr. Epstein, just to be clear,” the host pushed back. “I’m just saying in the matter of Jeffrey Epstein you’re referring to, I don’t know it’s been established he was the president’s best friend.”

“Oh, but he was, he was,” Waters responded. “He was one of his friends, and we’ve let him off the hook on that. We’re talking about Clinton and Prince Edward and everybody else. All of them need to be called to respond to this, including the president of the United States. Yes, that was his friend. Let him deny it.” Waters was making an apparent reference to Prince Andrew, who is Prince Edward’s younger brother.

Despite the congresswoman’s claims, Trump has repeatedly distanced himself from Epstein.

“I was not a fan of his, that I can tell you,” the president said in the Oval Office the day after New York authorities took Epstein into custody.

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The Washington Post reported that the two men had a falling out 15 years ago over a Palm Beach property, an oceanfront mansion called Maison de l’Amitie. They both wanted the property, and neither gave it up willingly.

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