MIC DROP! President Trump Calls Adam Schiff ‘The Biggest Leaker’ In Washington

President Trump blasted Adam Schiff for being “the biggest leaker” in Washington, while Democrats continue to call witnesses behind-closed-doors in relation to their ongoing attempts to push presidential impeachment.

Before leaving for Chicago Monday, reporters asked the president why he didn’t alert the Democrats about the special forces raid on the now-dead founder of ISIS. [RELATED: Former National Security Adviser Refuses to Testify Before Congress In Impeachment Farce]

President Trump replied by calling the House Intelligence Committee chairman “a corrupt politician” who runs “a biased operation.”

This comes after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a statement demanding the House majority be briefed on the al-Baghdadi raid.

The president then blasted the left-wing party as the “do-nothing Democrats” before denouncing the impeachment inquiry as a “witch hunt” and a “scam.” [RELATED: James Comey Says He’ll Move to New Zealand if Trump is Reelected]

Meanwhile, President Trump is considering releasing video from the U.S. raid which led to the death of the ISIS founder.


In March, former Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy predicted that the U.S. intelligence community might stop providing information to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff because he leaks “like a screen door on a submarine.”

Gowdy was asked to weigh in on Republicans’ decision last March to call on Schiff to step down as chairman of the House panel.

“Never seen that before,” said Gowdy, who served on the intelligence panel before leaving Congress in January. “We never voted to remove or ask a chairperson to step down.” [RELATED: WATCH: ‘The View’ Went Hysterical When Newt Showed Evidence Hillary Abused Power, Not Trump]

“Adam is a deeply partisan person. He did everything he could to make sure Hillary Clinton became president. And he’s done everything he could to keep a cloud over the Trump presidency,” Gowdy said of Schiff.

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