Migrants INVADE Beach in Broad Daylight; Men Women and Children Left SHOCKED


As liberal democrats attempt to candy coat the extreme issue of Mass Migration and Illegal Immigration, many media outlets are following suit.

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Recently however one network has began to shift it’s blind following of a liberal agenda that is crushing this country and others across the globe.

ABC news recently posted a video from Spain capturing dozens of; what look like all or mostly male migrants coming ashore on a quiet beach day, on one of the countries most beautiful beaches.


As the migration and illegal immigration crisis becomes a Global issue it will be very interesting to see of Democrats continue to downplay the seriousness of the issue.

Many see this as a nail in the coffin for any attempt at capturing the presidency in 2020.

Others are trying their best to bring awareness to the alarming problem of Mass Migration and Illegal Immigration.

Kris Kobach who is rumored to be in the running to Replace Former United States Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen had this to say, “Mexico has not been doing enough to stop these Caravans that are going thru it, and the thing that we most need Mexico to do right now is sign a safe third country agreement.”

Only time will tell if the Democrats will follow suit, but the notion is highly unlikely given today’s political landscape.

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