Mr. Touchy Feely Gets Put In His Place at Philadelphia Campaign Event

It didn’t take long for 2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Biden to get himself back into the spotlight when it comes to awkwardly touching women, however this time she was ready.

Watch as the Former VP grabs the woman introducing him in Philadelphia, PA, squeezes tight and starts creeping his hands awkwardly downward pulling her closer.

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This woman who is reportedly Biden’s wife [tough to tell on video,] still wanted nothing to do with it and removed BOTH of Biden’s hands immediately.

NBC News caught Joe’s Creepy grabs in full effect.


This is of course not the first time the former VP has been seen groping or becoming overly touchy with other women and children.

Joe Biden’s Has a Long History Of Grabbing, Kissing and Groping Women Who Are Cringing.

Here’s another.  The vice president bungles the oath repeatedly, bestows awkward kisses, offers repetitive compliments and calls a female senator the wrong name:

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