MUST WATCH: Lindsey Graham makes BLISTERING Statement On Mueller Report And Hillary Clinton

Hearings to examine the Department of Justice’s investigation of Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. – Courtesy of Fox 10 Phoenix.

Here is a small excerpt of the opening statement quoted to the best of our ability.

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Come to order. The first order of business is to try to cool the room down so we’ll see if we can do that but the Attorney General will be testifying here in a bit about the Mueller report and explaining as to the actions he took and why he took them regarding the Mueller report. And here’s the good news here is the Mueller report, you can read it for yourself. It’s about 400 and something Pages, I can’t say I’ve heard it all but I’ve read most of it, there’s an un-redacted version over in the classified section.

 I found it not to change anything in terms of an outcome.  A bit about the Mueller report: Who is Mueller?  For those who may not know, I don’t know where you been, but you may not know the Bob Mueller has a reputation in this town and throughout the country.  He has been an outstanding lawyer and a man of the law who was the FBI director who was the Deputy attorney general who was in charge of the Criminal Division at the Department of Justice, is a United States Marine and he has served his country in a variety of circumstances long and well. 

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For those who took time to read the report I think it was well written very thorough and let me tell you what went into this report.

WATCH the full video:

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