New Caravan Forming: Reports Say It’s The LARGEST Yet; Can Trump STOP It? [Video]

A new caravan with very significant numbers is forming in Honduras adding to the CRISIS America faces with border security.

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According to Marco Rubio, “The new caravan forming in Honduras is proof that what is happening at the border is a crisis,” he said adding it’s “Primarily a humanitarian one.”

Many are calling for Trump to enact a National Emergency and Build the Wall, but top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer continue to block Trump’s approach.

The Washington Post also reported:

Another migrant caravan is forming in Honduras, with plans to set out next week on a journey that will once again test the immigration policies of Mexico and the United States.

In much the way last year’s Central American caravan originated, a flier is circulating on Honduran social media. “We’re looking for refuge,” it says. “In Honduras, we are being killed.” It advertises a 5 a.m. departure on Jan. 15 from the northern city of San Pedro Sula.

The Mexican government says it is preparing for the group’s arrival.

“We have information that a new caravan is forming to enter our country in mid-January,” Olga Sánchez Cordero, the interior minister, said at a news conference Monday. “We are already taking the necessary steps to ensure the caravan enters in a safe and orderly way.”

 Fox News contributor Morgan Ortagus explains what the White House can do in the short and long term to stop the trend.



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