New Poll Reveals that 56.9% of Americans Trust President Trump over the Media and Congress


According to a new poll by Star Political, 56.9% of Americans trust President Trump on the coronavirus more than they trust the media or Congress.

The poll reveals that only 11.5% trust the U.S. Congress while only 31.6% trust the news media.

This comes amid the constant negative coverage of the president from the news media. Additionally, the many witch hunts that Congress is conducting doesn’t help their numbers.

Recently, CNN stopped broadcasting Trump’s press briefings claiming that they are “misinforming” the American people. Last week, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked key questions that were answered in Trump’s press briefings.

Moreover, Congressman Adam Schiff announced last week that Congress has started yet another investigation into Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. The American people are seeing right through the lies that the Democrats are pushing.

***POLL: Who do You Trust More? Trump, The News Media, Or Congress? Take The Poll And Have Your Say***

President Trump recently touted the use of a malaria drug that he feels would be a great treatment for the coronavirus. The media pounced on the thought saying that the drug would be ineffective.

Now, the Malaria medicine ‘Hydroxychloroquine’ is being administered to 1,100 coronavirus patients in New York, President Donald Trump said has infected over 140,000 people in the country. Reports reveal positive results. With egg on their face, it is a wonder that 9.8% of the people still trust the media.

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