New Study Indicates Coronavirus can SURVIVE Exposure To High Temperatures

A new study has indicated that the Coronavirus or COVID-19 can survive exposure to extreme temperatures.

According to the NY Post, Researchers at the University of Aix-Marseille in France were unable to nuke the virus by placing infected African green monkey kidney cells in a 140-degree Fahrenheit room, according to a study on the pre-print server bioRxiv that has not been peer-reviewed.

The researchers say they tested the impact of heat on the virus in both “clean” laboratory conditions and “dirty” environments.

In both settings the virus replicated when exposed for an hour at the 140-degree temperature, researchers said.

To kill the virus, it took 15 minutes of exposure to 197.6-degree temperatures, the report said.

It was noted however that most of patients had lower viral loads than were tested in the vials, suggesting that lower heat levels could potentially be effective after all to kill the virus. [READ MORE]


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