Nick Cannon: Margaret Sanger Founded Planned Parenthood “to Exterminate the Negro Race”


Rapper Nick Cannon once again let his feelings toward planned parenthood be known.  Cannon has never been shy about his feelings towards the tax funded giant.

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In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Cannon explained why the nation’s largest abortion provider disturbs him and why he has been so vocal about it.

“[Planned Parenthood founder] Margaret Sanger and all the people who follow eugenics and all that stuff—it was all about cleansing,” Cannon told Vlad TV. “Margaret Sanger said she wanted to exterminate the negro race and that she was going to use her organization that she founded to do so.”

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In November, Cannon also described Planned Parenthood as “modern-day eugenics” for black Americans and described its work as “population control.”

He mentioned how the abortion group targets blacks and other minorities by placing many of its abortion facilities in minority neighborhoods. Cannon almost was one of them. The rapper said his mother considered aborting him while he was in the womb but chose life instead.


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