No Evidence Of Actor’s MAGA Attackers Story: [Chicago Police]


Facts are beginning to emerge on a recent viral claim by actor Jussie Smollett that he was assaulted by a gang of MAGA supporters in Chicago.

Smollett, who is the star of the television show “Empire,” said on Tuesday that he was attacked by a gang of white supremacists who place a noose around his neck, covered him in bleach and shouted “this is MAGA country,” a report broke by TMZ.

As the day went on, evidence of the attack and his claims did not materialize, however police are continuing to investigate.

The Federalist Papers:

The attack was said to have happened in Chicago after midnight when temperatures were around – 17 degrees.

His story started to fall apart yesterday when police issued a statement that said they had no evidence of the race of the masked attackers or their politics.

“CBS News reports that surveillance video, obtained by police, shows Smollett walking around but doesn’t show an attack/assault.

It is important to NOTE, that although no evidence has surfaced to back up Smollett’s claims, that does not mean the assault did not happen, however so far Smollett’s statement’s that the suspects said “this is MAGA country,” and his claims of the attack have not yet been supported by material evidence.

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“Chicago police told CBS News that they don’t yet have physical evidence proving the crime happened, but police have not said the claims are untrue,” he said.

Anthony Guglielmi. Chief Communications Officer for Chicago Police issued this statement:

“Tonight Chicago Police detectives expanded the search area for cameras to be able to provide photos of the alleged assailants in this attack. Thus far, no video of the alleged assailants or a vehicle has been discovered but we are continuing to broaden our search,” he said.

Kurt Schlichter noted extreme skepticism saying, “Hey fellow white Trump supporter, I suggest we go out late at night in arctic temperatures in deep blue Chicago with rope and bleach in case we run into a supporting actor on ‘Empire’ and attack him yelling ‘MAGA‘ because of course that sounds plausible.”

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Michelle Malkin reported:

Despite TMZ’s claim that Smollett had the “hell beat outta him” and attackers “broke his ribs” plus subjected him to a chemical attack, an ambulance was not called and he instead “self-transported” to the hospital. CWB Chicago, a local public safety watchdog site, reported on police dispatch records documenting that Smollett’s friend “Frank” refused EMS services for Smollett; no mention of bleach was made; “no or minor injury” was observed; and “officers never sent a ‘flash; message with offender descriptions to field units.”

John Cardillo also voiced skepticism noting that he used to work similar crimes in the past and that “nothing fits here,” also noting the crime “looks staged.”

The Federalist also noted, many who have followed the story do not believe it.

Although there is no footage, Smollett never mentioned anything about the attackers saying “MAGA Country” until AFTER officers saw the claim going viral, and there are very significant discrepancies between Smollett’s claims and police evidence, that does not mean the attack did not happen.  So far though, there has been no evidence to back up his claim other than some minor physical injuries.

It would be interesting to obtain a copy of Smollett’s medial record form the treating hospital which could confirm many thing, privacy laws will make that significantly hard.

What are your thoughts on the recent news?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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