NY City Mayor Goes to Trump Tower to Protest Trump, BACKFIRES Spectacularly

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio thought it would be a good idea to hold a protest in President Trump’s old stomping grounds at Trump Tower.

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Steve Kastenbaum who covered NYC mayors for over 30 years had this to say:
In my 3 decades covering mayors in NYC, I’ve seen many a protest at a mayor’s event, but nothing quite like this. Trump supporters riding escalators behind de Blasio inside Trump Tower’s plaza, signs reading “Worst Mayor Ever” & heckling, drowning him out.”

One would think the Mayor might have thought twice about holding a press conference and protest in Trump’s back yard, apparently not guy…

John Seravalli noted that “70% of patrons are Trump supporters, It’s Trumps building.”
What did @BilldeBlasio think was going to happen INSIDE Trump Tower? he added…

Popular Conservative commentator and Scott Presser called the event “magical:”

He added, “I’m laughing so hard! Snake oil salesman de Blasio tried to sell the ludicrous Green New Deal, while Trump supporters rode the escalator behind him with signs.”

Other’s called the event a Circus..


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