Ocasio-Cortez Now Claiming Being A Citizen Is Racist

In what may be considered one of her worst comments to date, on Saturday Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed being a citizen of the United States is racist.

According to The Federalist Papers, She caused waves on Saturday by stating that immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island did not get into the United States in a legal fashion.

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“Gotta love the rich irony of people who fondly recount stories of how their family’s last names were changed on Ellis Island after their relatives snuck onto a boat escaping some horror now taking fervent anti-immigrant stances & branding innocent human beings as ‘illegal,’” she said.

“The reason your abuela was ‘legal’ was likely bc there was effectively no ‘illegal’ US immigration when she came, except for the Chinese.

“The US’ first imm law was the Chinese Exclusion Act &; explicit racism was allowed as legal grounds for US immigration laws until *1952.*,” she said in a tweet to someone who said their aunt came legally.

Ocasio-Cortez chose not to acknowledge that she had made a gross error, but to keep pushing it by saying citizenship is racist.

“The history of Citizenship in the US is deeply woven with the history of racism. It has been used as the legal enforcer of racism for most of US history.

“Citizenship affords power, & that’s why citizenship of African Americans was long denied too – to both slaves & descendants,” she said.

Dred Scott was the landmark Supreme Court case that found the US Constitution didn’t give citizenship to black people.

“The 1st US immigration law was the Chinese Exclusion Act. It was a race-based policy that was upheld until 1942. The “National Origins Formula” lasted til ‘65.

“But of course, just because a statute is abolished doesn’t mean the unfairness is gone. Remaining are life & death implications of other statutes & *how* laws are enforced.

“That’s a key part of policy in a wide range of issues from schooling to marijuana + yes, immigration too,” she said.

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