Official Says Seismic Gun Tests Don’t Hurt Animals; Then a Congressman BLOWS Air Horn In SESSION


If you haven’t heard of Chris Oliver before this will be a pretty interesting introduction.

The assistant administrator for fisheries in the Trump’s administration’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was just owned in a way that any reasonable person can admire, as noted by

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Oliver was brought before Congress to defend NOAA’s decision to allow seismic air gun tests off the coast of states like South Carolina. The tests help assist in the search for offshore oil deposits.

However, states like South Carolina have said they are opposed to offshore drilling, which can cause catastrophic environmental damage, making such seismic tests unnecessary and unwanted by the people who actually live on the nearby land.

As The Washington Post reported, Oliver repeatedly made the outrageous claim that firing these seismic blasts every 10 seconds over a period of several months wouldn’t cause any problems for endangered animals like the North Atlantic right whale.

Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC) wasn’t having it. After the seemingly endless back and forth with Oliver, Cunningham busted out a 12–decibel horn and blastic it just feet from Oliver’s face.

Here’s part of the exchange:

It’s fair to say seismic air gun blasting is extremely loud and disruptive … is that correct?” Rep Cunningham asked Oliver.

I don’t know exactly how loud it is. I actually never experienced it myself,” Oliver said.

Cunningham gave Oliver and the other people in the room a chance to cover their ears before letting loose the blast typically heard in stadiums or at the beginning of some hip hop songs.

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Was that disruptive?” Cunningham asked coyly. [Read More]


The full video can be seen below:

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