Omar REFUSES To Apologize To Covington Catholic Students; Praises Native American Activist for “INTERVENING”

After deleting her tweets that misrepresented the entire encounter between Covington Catholic Students, Nathan Phillips and a third hate group initially un reported, U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district Ilhan Omar is still refusing to apologize to the Students for her uninformed attacks on their character.

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As reported by Dep. Kel, Last month a video of Covington Catholic High School students and a group of Native Americans went viral.  After only watching a short part of the video, the media, political figures and celebrities took to twitter to spread lies about the students, threaten them and some even called for the students to be doxxed.  They put out false information and accused the students of being racists, yelling racist chants and getting in an elderly Native American man’s face. But in reality, none of this happened.

Omar’s comments and and similar attacks put the lives of these children in jeopardy.

Just weeks ago a DJ from California suggested the children be put inside a Church and burned alive.

Following the incident and facing imminent lawsuit, Omar deleted her tweets.

Here is the tweet that has been since deleted:

When asked “if she owed the Convington Catholic students an apology for her deleted tweet accusing them of leading “racist chants” by EWTN reporter Jason Calvi, she Refused to apologize and even praised activist Nathan Phillips, thought it has been since proven he has made several false claims about the incident.

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