One of President Trumps signature campaign promises was that he was going to put Hiliary Clinton in prison. The time has come for him to fulfill that promises. He needs to start arresting the traitors.

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People like Hilary Clinton, George Soros and Obama need to go to prison. Trump needs to drain the swamp! Their is many deep staters’ but these are some of the most prominent These deep staters’ are not above the law and they need to be held accountable!

Hillary Clinton needs to be put in prison for extortion and for killing people. She has gotten millions of dollars from foreign nationals to sell out American sovereignty. She got millions for selling our uranium to Russia. She did this with the Obama administration.

And here’s an interesting tidbit.  Robert Mueller and FBI tried to cover this up! This is the real Russia collusion and she needs to be help accountable!

George Soros has destroyed whole countries and he is even on record saying helping the NAZIS was the best part of his life! He has also meddled in American elections! He needs to be arrested! He is a criminal!

Now that the the fake Russia With Hunt is over it is time for Trump to really crack down on the real colluders! It is time that Justice is equal! Please call the White House and tell Trump to do something about this!

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My Name Is Alexander Horat And I Am 15 years Old. Thank You For Reading My Article! I Want To Raise Money To Go To Patrick Henry College. I Am Asking For Donations From My Fellow Countrymen So I Can Get a Major In Government And a Minor In Journalism. After I Finish At This Conservative Christian College I Want To Go To Law School To Become a Lawyer. I See That This Government Is Corrupt And I Want To Change It For The Better. I Believe Abortion Is Murder And It Must Be Stopped. Please Donate If You Can!

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[SUPPORT MIKE AND MY PILLOW] use code THANKS45 for up to 66 % OFF


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The Blue Checkmark Brigade have come out in full force just like we knew that they would. After all, they can’t stand the idea of not having an iron grip on all your information. They don’t want Conservatives to have anything that prevents the big tech oligarchs from spying, censoring, and banning anything that isn’t “politically correct” or is “out of context” as Facebook loves to say as an excuse for suppression.
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One of the many perks about the phone is that it’s hassle-free. No having to make a trip to go deal with your provider, you keep the same service you’ve always had. All you have to do is take the SIM card out of your old phone and pop it into SIM card slot in the Freedom Phone.  It’s really is that easy to get your privacy back. And the dual SIM card slots are so that you can add additional storage for things like photos, videos, or anything you want! It’s a free country after all.
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First, The Daily Beast wrote an article saying that the Freedom Phone is, “just a budget Chinese phone“. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is an incredible deal, a mere $449.99 with code “MAGA” (compared to a $700-$1000 iPhone12) it IS NOT manufactured in China. Although the Daily Beast might have a “one-China policy” The Freedom Phone is actually manufactured in Hong Kong. You’ll remember Hong Kong from the HUGE protests where they waved American flags and fought hard against the authoritarian Chinese government who was trying to take control of their country. Patriots recognize Patriots, and that’s why Freedom Phone is PROUD to have their product manufactured in a country that is actually fighting with boots on the ground against one of the biggest enemies of the USA.
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