PATHETIC: Democrats, Mainstream Media Desperately Look To Chief Justice Roberts To Unblock Trump Admin. Witnesses


According to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the panel’s report on Ukraine will be handed to the Judiciary Committee after Thanksgiving. This comes as Schiff and the Democrats are exploring other possibilities to try and bring Trump officials to testify.

This shiny new “impeachment inquiry” package placed under an early Christmas tree by Speaker Nancy Pelosi will ultimately contain one of two things: objective evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors by President Trump, or something that will blow up in their faces as others have before.

The ultimate answer will be dictated not by Trump supporters or tormentors, but by the facts.

The timing of the Pelosi announcement Tuesday was odd from the start. Weaving dramatic tales of a republic in peril, slinging charges with no established basis, she fell in line with the younger, brasher wing of her party before one word had been released from the Trump conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart.

She heaped mounds of stigma onto the infamous “whistleblower” report with no firm knowledge of what it says.

This seemed nervy, even from a party that has peppered the nation with endless impeachment teases. Pelosi’s decision to pick up that hymnal is an important gesture, even though there is nothing concrete behind the “inquiry” she has announced.

It’s little more than the promise of a broader, busier gaggle of committees beating the drum they have flogged since soon after the inauguration.

It is important because it temporarily quiets the narrative that Pelosi is a desperate leader out of step with the modern party.

At least in the short term, I don’t believe we’ll be hearing further snarky asides from radicalized freshmen about generational rifts. Madam Speaker is on board.

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