Pelosi, McCarthy Not Pressuring Lawmakers On Impeachment Vote

House leaders on both sides of the aisle are addressing the inevitable full floor vote on articles of impeachment. On Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would not be whipping moderates to vote for the articles. She said the vote will be about each lawmaker’s individual point of view.

“We are not whipping this legislation, nor would we ever with something like this,” stated Pelosi. “They’ll make their own decisions, I don’t say anything to them.”

The speaker’s remarks come as a parade of Democrats have reportedly said they might vote against impeachment.

By contrast, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters the GOP is so united against impeaching the president that they are not worried about any Republican defections.

“I really don’t know that we’re whipping this vote. I don’t think there’s a need to whip the vote. If you watch the impeachment inquiry, the only bipartisan vote was no. If you watch what has come forth since that, there’s no reason to change that vote. And if I read the reports from the Democrats, there’s more that’s going to join us.“

– Kevin McCarthy, U.S. Representative

Anyone who has seen the circus knows that the hearings were unfruitful and worthless. The Boston Herold wrote:

With Rep. Adam Schiff of California in charge, the hearings were more like Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” a comedy based on deception, disguise and manipulation with Schiff playing the buffoon.

Now the hearings have shifted from Schiff’s misnamed House Intelligence Committee to fellow Trump-hating New York Rep. Jerry Nadler’s joke of a House Judiciary Committee.

But don’t expect much difference between the two. As distinguished scholar Victor Davis Hanson pointed out, “Nadler is as duplicitous as Schiff but lacks the Californian’s cunning.”

The trouble with Pelosi’s partisan impeachment jihad against Trump — she has called him an imposter — is that she really has nothing to impeach him for, but is doing it anyway, damn the consequences.

Yesterday, McCarthy went on to call the inquiry a sham and suggested Democrats sought to impeach President Trump before the investigation even took place.

This came after vulnerable Democrats reportedly signaled they would rather vote on censuring the president instead of impeaching him.

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