Police Threatens to Quit as Minneapolis Vows to Abolish MPD, Aims to Have a ‘Police Free Future’


On Saturday, Minneapolis police officers, one of the largest police forces in the country, threatened to leave their job posts due to the lack of “support” from its Democratic politicians, as the city council announced their intent to have a “police free future.”

In a report from the Star Tribune, at least seven police officers have already resigned from the department as increasing anti-police sentiments broke out over the death of 46-year-old George Floyd.

The media outlet also reported that another half a dozen are in the process of leaving their job posts. “Morale has sunk to new lows in recent weeks, say, department insiders, as officers reported feeling misunderstood and squeezed by all sides,” the Star Tribune wrote.

The media outlet reported that “an unusually large exodus” of police officers were giving in to increasing pressure from the state, by constant threats of violence against protesters, by city leaders who chose to surrender the police station and watch the department burn down. Add into that are the numerous law enforcement officials who were hurt by weeks of violent riots.

In an interview with the media outlet, one officer claimed that the police force has become underappreciated, noting that “everybody hates the police.”

Other officers also expressed their resentment against Democratic Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and his decision to side with the protesters, by abandoning the Third Precinct police station.

On Sunday, a Democrat-dominated Minneapolis City Council further reaffirmed their support for the protesters as they vowed to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department. The Star Tribune also reported that the council had made a “bold” statement by announcing that they were already abolishing the city’s law enforcement. In a statement, the council said, “We recognize that we don’t have all the answers about what a police-free future looks like, but our community does.”

However, Mayor Jacob Frey denounced any intention to dismantle the city’s police force amidst mounting pressure from demonstrators and far-left politicians. Previously, Frey told a crowd of protesters that he was not in favor of fully abolishing the MPD.

Due to his statements, Frey was forced to leave as the angry crowd threatened the Mayor, “Get the f**k outta here!” one demonstrator screamed. A representative from the demonstrators also expressed their desire to completely remove any forms of law enforcement in the city.

Other law enforcement officers have also expressed their disdain over authorities who side with the protesters. In Hallandale Beach, Florida, an entire SWAT Team resigned from their post after the City of Hallandale Beach Police Chief Sonia Quinones knelt alongside protesters.

In a memo, the team, which was composed of ten members, claimed that the risk of “carrying their duty” has become too much for their families. The SWAT team also expressed their grievances over the lack of support from authorities, from agreeing with protesters to being ill-equipped to handle riots due to insufficient budget.

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