Portland Antifa ASSAULTS Elderly Man With Crowbar; Law Enforcement Non-Existent


Once again Portland, Oregon has made headlines for an extremely aggressive ‘protest’ that saw journalists and bystanders physically assaulted by it’s local ANTIFA faction.

Each event seems to get just a little more aggressive each time and once again, police were no where to be found.

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Th first report of attacks came in early when journalist Andy Ngo, well-known for his coverage of the Portland Antifa protests was attacked, assaulted and robbed.

Andy was sent to the hospital following his attack.

He also managed to provide video coverage when the police finally arrived.

Many other video’s have surfaced of aggressive Antifa members attacking others including this one of an elderly man beaten bloody with a crowbar. As you can see in the video when another man tries to help, he is also hit in the head with a crowbar and sprayed with mace.

Student’s for Trump noted this attack goes much farther than a minor assault charge, and looks to be along the lines of attempted murder…


The major question most of American now has is, where were the police during these incidents.

The attacks have now caught the eye of congress.

Senator Ted Cruz has asked the Feds to investigate and bring charges down on the Portland Mayor saying in a tweet, “To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists.”

For over a year there have been calls to designate Antifa a Domestic Terror Organization, yet it still has not been done.

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Do you think Antifa is a Domestic Terror Organization?

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