Pregnant Teen A Part Of ISIS Wants To Come Home To Have Baby


A British teenager who joined ISIS in 2015 says she wants to return home, According to

Shamima Begum, who left the UK with two of her classmates from east London when she was 15, was found in a refugee camp in northern Syria by UK newspaper The Times.” She told the press, “”In the end, I just could not endure any more.

I just couldn’t take it. Now all I want to do is come home to Britain. I… want to come home to have my child. I’ll do anything required just to be able to come home and live quietly with my child.”…

The New York Post noted, Begum said her two previous children died in the past three months — a daughter, Sarayah, who had become sick, and a son, Jerah, whose death was linked to malnutrition.

Kadiza Sultana, who also traveled with her to the terror group’s self-styled caliphate, is believed to have been killed by an airstrike in Raqqa in 2016.

Their other classmate, Amira Abase, was in the village of Baghuz, along with Sharmeena Begum, also from Bethnal Green, who traveled to Syria two months before the trio but is not related to Shamima.

All four married foreign ISIS fighters.

“I heard from other women only two weeks ago that the two were still alive in Baghuz,” Begum said. “But with all the bombing, I am not sure whether they have survived.”

Baghuz fell to a Kurd-majority force backed by the West that has fought the jihadists with the help of American airstrikes.

“I don’t regret coming here,” she said, adding that she was “weak” to have left the group and saluted the young woman who stayed.

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