President Trump BLASTS FBI Director Wray For Accepting Inspector General Report


The investigation into the Russia probe may be over, but the controversy continues. While the president vehemently believes the 2016 FBI investigation was built on a political bias against him, not everyone involved agrees.

“For two years, the President of the United States accused our premier law enforcement agency of treason, of trying to defeat him, of trying to stop him,” stated fired FBI Director James Comey. “And it turns out that was all nonsense that was all lies.”

Current FBI Director Christopher Wray also chimed in, saying “the Inspector General did not find political bias or improper motivations impacting the opening of the investigation or the decision to use certain investigative tools during the investigations.”

The president responded by saying he did not know what report the current director of the FBI had read while maintaining his position the FBI report was tainted by the political opinions of those involved in the investigation.

AG William Barr also had issues with the way the media is covering the IG Report. LISTEN:

The president’s comments come after both the former and current directors’ own statements, where they acknowledged grave mistakes that were made by FBI personnel during the course of the investigation.

“The Inspector General did find a number of instances where employees either failed to follow our policies, neglected to exercise appropriate diligence or in some other way fell short of the standard of conduct and performance that we, and that I was a director, expect of all of our employees,” said Wray.

His comments came after the Inspector General report found 17 instances of significant errors or omissions in the applications for FISA warrants. The president went on to say if Wray’s attitude does not change, he will be unable to fix the FBI considering it’s already tarnished reputation. Wray has admitted the bureau is taking strides to remedy the missteps made by agents during the course of the 2016 investigation.

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