President Trump: ‘Border Wall Is Helping Everyone, Even Democrats’

President Trump is saying the border wall is greatly helping the city of San Diego, including resident Democrats.

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The president made the comment in a Sunday tweet, saying “the wall is making a very big difference — even Democrats in the area are happy.”

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The president also shared a report, which indicated San Diego is reaping the benefits from the president’s border wall initiative.

According to San Diego border officials, increased border security has led to multi-million dollar developments going up in the area. Several construction projects are reportedly underway for housing, restaurants, warehouses and shopping outlets.

During his visit to the city last month, President Trump said the wall is turning things around for San Diego.

“They were just thanking me for the wall we built in San Diego,” he said. “They said it’s a difference of day and night.”

Prior to the construction of the wall, officials said the crime was rampant by the city’s border with Mexico. Agents recalled instances of large caravans of illegal immigrants exploiting the breaks in the old wall system to escape into the U.S.

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“They would stage 20 people at a time, wait for vehicles to go through,” said one agent. “Somebody would jump over with a power saw, run to our secondary wall, (make) a hole through it…and just wait and see if border patrol would respond.”

San Diego now has at least 14 miles of 18-foot steel fencing built while a secondary barrier is reportedly almost complete.

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