President Trump Pressures European Allies To Provide More Help For Ukraine

President Trump is calling out Democrats and EU member nations for their failure to support Ukraine. In a Thursday morning tweet, the president asked why European countries aren’t providing more aid to the country.

He said Ukraine needs more help, but it shouldn’t always be America’s responsibility.

The president previously brought up the issue while speaking to reporters at the UN General Assembly.

“I want other countries to put up money (and) I think it’s unfair that we put up the money,” he said. “Germany, France, and other countries should put up the money, that’s been my complaint from the beginning.”

The Center for Strategic and International Studies claimed the EU has contributed more than $16 billion in grants and loans to Ukraine since 2014. The same agency reported the U.S. government has provided Ukraine nearly $2 billion in security assistance during the same time frame.

Some say we shouldn’t be meddling in the Ukraine/Russia affair at all. Here is what RT wrote:

Former presidential hopeful and long-time lawmaker Ron Paul told RT that he doesn’t think the United States should get involved any further in the escalating situation in Ukraine.
Paul, a staunch non-interventionist who last year retired from Congress after more than a quarter-century, said during an exclusive interview with RT on Wednesday that there’s “no sense” in having America entangled in the overseas standoff.

“I don’t think we have any business there,” Paul told RT from his office in Texas this week.

Tensions in the European country have worsened in recent weeks, particularly after President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in February amid fiery anti-government protests in the capital city of Kiev. Violence quickly spread to other regions of the country, particularly in Crimea where local authorities have refused to recognize the new Ukrainian government and have established self-defense militias.

Even Newsweek thinks we should stay neutral:

Ukraine’s military has lost control of the Donetsk airport, and the rebels have launched another offensive. Fortune could yet smile upon Kiev, but as long as Russia is determined not to let the separatists fail, Ukraine’s efforts likely will be for naught.

“Only a negotiated settlement, no matter how unsatisfying, offers a possible resolution of the conflict. The alternative may be the collapse of the Ukrainian state and long-term confrontation between the West and Russia.”

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