President Trump Recognizes House Republicans For Demonstrating Loyalty During Protest


President Trump recently thanked the GOP for their support, following the impeachment demonstrations on Capitol Hill.

On Twitter Thursday, he expressed his gratitude to House Republicans for “understanding in detail” what he called “the greatest witch hunt in American history.” [RELATED: Dems Caught in Hypocrisy: SO MANY Democrats Compared Clinton Impeachment to LYNCHING As Well!]

Meanwhile, Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham told reporters Republicans sent a clear message to the president when they crashed the closed-door impeachment hearing. She said the move demonstrated their loyalty to him. The protest comes after President Trump called on Republicans to get tougher earlier this week, saying:

“Republicans have to get tougher and fight. We have some that are great fighters, but they have to get tougher and fight because the Democrats are trying to hurt the Republican Party for the election, which is coming up.” [RELATED: Thousands of Self-Proclaimed ‘Witches’ Claim to Cast Massive Spell on Trump and His Supporters]

GOP members say they will continue to defend their actions and demand transparency of the unfair impeachment inquiry into the president. Republican senators are considering their options on impeachment as they look to avoid a weeks-long trial in the upper chamber.

If the House decides to move forward with articles of impeachment, the GOP has two main options. Republican senators could introduce a motion for dismissal or they could rush through an impeachment trial and vote to acquit the president.

Senate Judiciary Chairman is pushing for dismissal, and he wants the Senate to go even further and vote on a resolution to condemn the House’s actions.

“I’ve never seen a situation in my life as a lawyer where somebody is accused of major misconduct, who cannot confront the accuser or call witnesses on their behalf and have the discussion in the light of day so the public can judge,” he stated.

“If this continues in the House, it is a complete sham and I will do everything I can to make sure it doesn’t live very long in the Senate.” [RELATED: Brother of Child KILLED at Sandy Hook Massacre says Joe Biden LIED About Meeting With Families]

Graham plans to introduce the resolution Thursday to put the Senate on record condemning the House and its handling of the impeachment inquiry.

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