President Trump Takes Tax Case To Supreme Court


President Trump’s legal team is taking the case regarding the release of his tax returns to the nation’s highest court. On Thursday, the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to take up the case.

Manhattan’s District Attorney Cyrus Vance is seeking eight years’ worth of the President’s personal financial records.

President Trump’s lawyers have maintained the effort is politically motivated and recently moved to block a subpoena for the documents. However, those efforts were shot down in lower courts, which lead to an appeal to the Supreme Court.

The landmark case will likely set the precedent for similar ones moving forward.

The president’s attorneys have said they want to be notified if House Democrats try to get the president’s New York state tax returns. Lawyers submitted the filing late Wednesday and proposed two options to address the problem.

The first would issue an order notifying the president at least 14 days before House Democrats make a request for the returns. The second option would order New York officials to notify the president if the request is made and wait at least 14 days before complying.

The president’s legal team issued a statement, which read “the decision of the Second Circuit will be taken to the Supreme Court — the issue raised in this case goes to the heart of our Republic (and) the constitutional issues are significant.”

Roll Call brings up a great point. “Lawmakers Want Trump’s Tax Returns, but Won’t Release Their Own.” Here is what Roll Call wrote:

Rep. Ben Ray Luján — like many in Congress — wants President Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Transparency, the New Mexico Democrat said recently in a Facebook post, ‘is a cornerstone of democracy.’ But he doesn’t want to release his own tax returns. And that puts him in good company on both sides of the aisle.

Roll Call sent a request to all of the nation’s senators and representatives — more than 500 in all — to release their tax returns. Only 37 responded, and of those, six provided the documents.

The written requests were sent at least three times over a period of several weeks, starting in April, to each lawmaker and key staff members.

Roll Call sought returns from the 2015 and 2016 tax years to accommodate members who have asked for extensions. Roll Call reviewed public documents and media reports to determine lawmakers’ positions on the release of Trump’s tax returns. At least 237 lawmakers have called on the president to produce his returns.

The review, which can be viewed in full here, also sought to identify lawmakers who had released all or part of their own returns. It identified an additional 43 lawmakers in the House and the Senate who had released returns or allowed reporters to review them. Congress, where are YOUR tax returns?

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