President Trump: ‘The Impeachment Hoax Is The Greatest Con Job In The History Of American Politics’

President Trump is urging Americans to read the transcripts of his calls with his Ukrainian counterpart, while also slamming the Democrats’ impeachment push. In a tweet Monday, the president called the inquiry “the greatest con job in the history of American politics.”

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This comes as the House Judiciary Committee officially released its impeachment report against the president. The more than 600-page document was uploaded online and released to the House on Monday. It lays out everything from the constitutional grounds for impeachment to the committee’s findings and justifications behind their push to move forward.

READ THE FULL REPORT: Impeachment of Donald J. Trump — Report of the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives

The document stops short of calling for President Trump’s impeachment, however, it does ask members to determine whether the president abused his power with evidence broken down into four overarching parts. Congress will review the report ahead of Wednesday’s scheduled vote on the House floor.

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