Protester: Va. Gov. Northam Trying to Equate ‘Peaceful’ 2A Rally to Charlottesville

Thousand of people gathered in Virginia for a Pro Gun Rally earlier today.  Governor Ralph Northam Declared a state of emergency ahead of the event.

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A Protester said Va. Gov. Northam was Trying to Equate ‘Peaceful’ 2A Rally to Charlottesville.


SMITH: “They want to liken this to Charlottesville. They want to anticipate crime and violence, but there are peaceful people who have come around with their weapons and they’re showing up here to send one message, and that is a message of unity.

You know, this government thinks it’s just white people, just a few black people. There are people here who are united, from the hills, from the mountains, from the valleys, and the message is one message and that is that we want the Second Amendment to remain intact. (…)

There are a lot of people who are carrying guns, there’s not a shot that’s been fired. These are civil people. These are citizens of Virginia, these are citizens of the United States, and we want that message to go out there that the governor cannot simply blanket or cannot put in one blanket what he feels happened in Charlottesville somehow is going to transit into Virginia.”

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