Rapper Bigelow Black ASSAULTS Group of Asian Men Wearing MAGA Hats; Posts Evidence Online

In Yet another politically motivated assault on those who support President Trump; [this time targeting a group of Asian Men,] a rapper named Bigelow Black was captured on video taunting, harassing and ripping Make American Great Again hats off the group’s heads.

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“Not Around Here Pimp… Ain’t None Of That Make America Great Again Shit,” he said as he grabbed the hat off of an Asian man’s head.

Oddly enough, obviously unaware he just posted his own assault crime on social media, the Rapper shared the video in a tweet on Thursday and it immediately gained thousands of likes and retweets before he deleted it.

The Federalist Papers noted, that the evidence is still available and has been reported by many on Twitter but, as of now, no action has been taken.

Democrats like to say that the MAGA hat, made famous by President Donald Trump, is a symbol of hatred and bigotry.

But more often than not what the hat does is show the hatred and the bigotry of those who are offended by seeing it.

It was a month ago that a woman was triggered by a MAGA hat in a Starbucks and doxed the man wearing it costing her her job.

Nick Sanddman is now suing three news outlets including CNN and NBC because he was made into a nationwide villain for wearing the hat.

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It will be interesting to see how long it takes Law Enforcement to make an Arrest.

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