Real Clear Politics Just Triggered The Left: ‘Support for Impeachment Is Officially Under Water’


The signs are everywhere, the result of November’s public impeachment inquiry hearings was more than clear even before Nadler got his crack at the gavel earlier this month: Democrats have lost the support of a majority of the American people.

Not among Democrats, of course. And they haven’t gained any support from Republicans, naturally.

Where they’ve lost support is with independents, which poll after poll has shown us over the last month and a half.

The mainstream media and Democrats have continued promoting this fantasy that the American people are solidly behind them on the issue, and even pounced and seized on a Fox News poll from over the weekend that purportedly showed 50% of Americans supported their efforts.

However, the poll was not the most reliable of those that have been conducted in recent weeks and included a heavy oversampling of Democrats.

Tom Bevan, the co-founder, and president of Real Clear Politics posted a screengrab Monday morning that put impeachment polling into perspective. He noted the most recent two show that support for ousting President Trump is “officially underwater”:

You can read more of RCP’s polling data on impeachment here.

Democrats can blame three things for their loss of support:

1) Impeachment fatigue that has set in with voters.

2) Few people believe what the left says any more about “impeachable offenses” considering for three years we’ve heard “the walls are closing in” and “this is bombshell news” and “beginning of the end” declarations.

3) Most importantly, Democrats have simply failed to make their case.

The writing has been on the wall for some time now on impeachment and how it is playing out with voters. The falling support could prove especially disastrous for those vulnerable House Democrats in swing districts.

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