Rep. Doug Collins Slams Democrat Impeachment Push As ‘Focus Group Impeachment’


House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins slammed the Democrat impeachment push as a “focus group impeachment,” while the committee held yet another hearing on the matter. In his opening statement Monday, he suggested Democrats are holding the hearing because they need good public relations to move.

Collins also said Democrats are trying to make the facts “fit their narrative” and called out House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff for not appearing at the hearing. He accused Democrats of pursuing impeachment for political purposes.

“The economy is good, job creation is up, the military is strong, our country is safe, and the Judiciary Committee has been relegated to this,” stated the Georgia lawmaker. “Why? Because they have the means, the motive and they have the opportunity…at the end of the day, all this is about a clock and a calendar because they can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump is president of the United States and they don’t have a candidate that they think can beat him, it’s all political.”

The ranking member also called out Schiff for misleading the American people about the president’s call with his Ukrainian counterpart.

Collins wasn’t the only one slamming Democrats on Monday. InfoWars host Owen Shroyer was escorted out of the public hearing after shouting that House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler was the one committing crimes. He yelled out “Americans are sick of his impeachment sham!”

Nadler responded, saying the audience is there to observe and not voice disagreements with the panel or any witnesses.

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[SUPPORT MIKE AND MY PILLOW] use code THANKS45 for up to 66 % OFF

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