Rep. McCarthy Roasts Pelosi For Leaving White House Meeting in Epic Interview [VIDEO]

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is criticizing Nancy Pelosi for storming out of a White House meeting last week. In an interview Sunday, he said it was very “unbecoming” of Pelosi to “throw a fit” and leave the meeting with the president and other leaders about the situation in Syria.

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The representative also claimed this is a pattern and often happens when Pelosi doesn’t want to compromise with Republicans. McCarthy made similar comments right after that meeting took place. He had this to say:

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“Very productive between the Democrats who actually stayed in the meeting. Unfortunately, the speaker tries to make everything political. Her own statements weren’t productive. To storm out of the meeting, which I’ve watched time before during other crises, is really not the ability of a speaker or the style of how a speaker should carry herself out.”

Democrat leaders are singing a different tune. They say they left the meeting because the president insulted Pelosi by calling her a “third rate politician.”


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