REPORT: Bigoted, Profane and Profoundly Partisan Remarks Emerge from ‘Independent Reviewer’ of Capitol Hill Riots Appointed by Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi’s pick to perform an Independent Review of the Capitol Riots Retired Lt. General Russel Honoré may face significant skepticism regarding his ability to complete an independent Bi-partisan review.

Multiple comments and tweets have emerged identifying crude, extreme, and profoundly partisan views.

Honoré was appointed by Nancy Pelosi without any consultation with Republicans.


House Administration Committee Ranking Member Rodney Davis, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan, House Oversight Committee Ranking Member James Comer, and House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes wrote a letter to Speaker Pelosi demanding answers regarding the security decisions surrounding the Capitol riots, particularly, her part in the decision to deny the Capitol Police Chief’s request for National Guard support, and her refusal to comply with requests to turn over materials relevant to the decision.

In their letter to Pelosi, Davis, Jordan, Comer and Nunes also expressed concern that the House’s “independent security review” of the event would not be free of political motivations.

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[SUPPORT MIKE AND MY PILLOW] use code THANKS45 for up to 66 % OFF

Here are just a few:

“That little peace of shit with his @Yale law degree should be run out of DC and Disbarred ASAP,” Lt. General Russel Honoré wrote of Hawley in a Twitter post on January 11 that has since been deleted.

A recent video shows Honoré , [again… chosen by Pelosi to lead the security review of the Capitol riots,] agreeing with left-wing talk show host Roland Martin in an interview on Jan. 10 that former president Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr., and Rudy Giuliani should all be arrested for “causing an insurrection.”

AM GREATNESS also noted, Honoré’ also told the host that the reason some people think the election was stolen is because “they don’t want to lose their white power. They don’t like the browning of America.”

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[SUPPORT MIKE AND MY PILLOW] use code THANKS45 for up to 66 % OFF

The general went on to claim—without evidence—that those questioning the election were motivated by racism.

“It took the sheet off a lot of people claiming to be conservatives, and what they are are racists,” he said.

The comments and multiple other extreme and profoundly partisan views can been seen in the video below posted by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz..

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