REPORT: Hong Kong Stands By ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Policy With China

China is planning to develop the country’s Greater Bay Area, using a strategy official said will further encourage the ‘one country, two systems’ policy with Hong Kong. Chinese officials released the initiative on Friday, calling it “a role model of high-quality development” and cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong.

The ‘one country two systems’ policy has allowed Hong Kong to remain capitalist, despite mainland China being socialist.

The report said the major infrastructure and city development plan includes a city cluster and a tech hub. It will also expand on the Belt and Road Initiative, which is already in place.

“I hope that Hong Kong will be confident and can actively implement the policy,…grasp the opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative and the Greater Bay Area development, and make full use of its advantages,” stated HKETO Director Bill Li.

The unveiling of the plan comes at a unique time. Hong Kong has been experiencing social unrest for the last six months.

President Trump recently passed a law to protect the people of Hong Kong from human rights abuses, which was dubbed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. It will empower the Trump administration to impose sanctions on officials from China or Hong Kong for violating human rights.

Chinese officials condemned the legislation and warned that it will result in “firm countermeasures.” President Trump previously expressed concerns the legislation could hurt ongoing trade talks with Beijing. However, he signed the bill in hopes that China and Hong Kong will settle their differences in a peaceful manner.

In his official statement, the president said he signed the bill out of respect for both pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and for mainland China.

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