REPORT: New Migrant Caravan Headed to the US Southern Border


While America faces one of it’s largest crisis’s in decades, a new issue has jumped front and center.

According to the the Center for Immigration Studies, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei announced new security protocols to prevent the entry of people with coronavirus in a new United States-bound migrant caravan into Guatemala. The migrant caravan departed from Honduras just a few weeks ago.

The change in border enforcement comes after concerns that some migrants may harbor the coronavirus. The border communities of El Florido, Aguascalientes, and El Corinto will be checkpoints to control the flow of migrants coming from Honduras. Government health officials will be at each checkpoint to examine migrants who seek to enter Guatemala.

President Giammatti said, “There is a new caravan. We’re going to stop it at the border and everyone is going to be thoroughly reviewed. Everyone will have their temperature taken and any person who has a symptom (of coronavirus) we will not let in; we will immediately expel them.”

Another release put out by the Center for Immigration studies confirmed the Caravan was headed north and that the Ministry of Health in the southern Mexican border state of Chiapas announced that any migrant infected with the coronavirus seeking to enter Mexico’s southern border will be turned away. The security precaution was announced shortly after confirmation of migrant caravans originating from Honduras heading to Chiapas.

The change in border policy is one of several mandates to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in Mexico. Also, the government of Chiapas established surveillance outposts at airports to monitor possible cases of the disease.

Conservative Pundit and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk has this to say: “Another migrant caravan is heading to the US border While we suffer under the strain of the China Virus, we can’t afford to let a single unchecked, unvetted, possibly unhealthy illegal alien enter the country.”




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