[Report] Sears Is Cutting Life Insurance Benefits; Targeting Up To 90,000 Retirees


According to a new report Sear will be cutting Life insurance benefits to a significant amount of it’s former employees.

Sears notified up to 90,000 of its retirees this month that it would be ending their life insurance benefits, CBS News reports.

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According to The Hill, Ron Olbrysh, the chairman of the National Association of Retired Sears Employees (NARSE), told the news agency this week that the company sent letters to eligible retirees notifying them that they would be losing their life insurance benefits on March 15.

Oddly enough, Olbrysh said he didn’t receive his notice until March 20.

The notice reportedly offers retirees the option to convert all or a portion of their group coverage into an individual whole life policy and cover the costs of premiums.

Tom Dowd, One of the chain’s retirees told the Chicago Tribune that he worked for the company for three decades before retiring from his role as a human resources manager in 1998.

“I spent my adult life there,” Dowd told the paper, “and if nothing else, that requires a little bit of dignity as opposed to a letter saying your benefits are gone, and here’s how much you can pay to get them back.”

John Freeman, who retired from the chain in 2002 and heads up the retirees’ association chapter in upstate New York, told CBS News that the notices were sent to “people in their 80s that had had [life insurance coverage for] a long time.”

Olbrysh said insurance coverage was the “last benefit that retirees had” except from getting discounts at the chain’s stores. [Read More]

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