REPORT: Supreme Court Will Look into Whether Watchdog Warren Helped Create Is Constitutional


The Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether the brainchild of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is actually constitutional.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is an independent federal agency that oversees consumer-related actions in the financial sector. It was created by Congress in 2010. [RELATED: Irate Man Who HAD ENOUGH Ends Traffic Blocking Climate Protest By Himself]

The issue before the court is that the director serves a five-year term and can only be removed for “inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office,” Fox News reported.

“This case presents the question of whether the vesting of substantial executive authority in the CFPB, an independent agency headed by a single director, violates the separation of powers. [RELATED: VIDEO: Rand Paul ACCOSTED by Dem While Eating Lunch]

That question is of extraordinary constitutional and practical importance, and the United States has already recommended that this Court grant review resolve the question in an appropriate case (and identified this case as a candidate),” the Justice Department wrote in a Supreme Court brief.

Opponents of the bureau argue that the length of the director’s term, and a president’s inability to fire whoever holds the post, means that a director could be appointed by one president, then serve the entire term of a succeeding president without ever being responsible to the chief executive elected by the voters, according to The Daily Caller.

“An agency over which the president lacks control of both back-end removal and front-end appointment represents a further departure from the constitutional design,” the Justice Department brief states.

Warren characterized the suit in political terms.

“Big banks and their Republican allies have been trying to kill the CFPB for years, and the Trump administration is hoping the right-wing, pro-corporate Supreme Court will help. I’ve got news for them: Like it or not, the CFPB is constitutional,” Warren tweeted: [RELATED: Lindsey Graham Asking Giuliani To Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee to Show Evidence of Biden Corruption]

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