REPORT: Trump Has Fundraised More from Impeachment Than Democrats Spent on It


Democrats wasted $3 million of taxpayer dollars on the impeachment hearings, though when it comes to our government doing anything, that’s surprisingly cheap.

The real loss stems from the fact that this was an impeachment effort launched by Democrats knowing with complete certainty that anything they do put forward will ultimately die in the Senate. In other words, they’ve wasted months of time that could’ve been spent on anything more productive – and for what purpose?

If the Democrat’s goal was to rally the troops ahead of the 2020 election, that failed. While impeachment was net-popular in the polls when the inquiry was announced, it continued a precipitous decline, finally turning negative right as Democrats were set to vote on the articles.

As a result, Trump is now a favorite against every single one of the 2020 Democrat candidates and is dominating them in fundraising to boot.

According to Fox Business

Last month, the RNC garnered about $20.1 million, ending the month with $63.2 million cash on hand, filings with the Federal Election Commission show. The Democratic National Committee, meanwhile, raised $8.1 million, finishing the month with $8.4 million in cash.

The DNC’s November fundraising included roughly $3.5 million in individual donations, and the organization has about $6.5 million in debt. The RNC, meanwhile, nabbed $5 million in individual contributions and reported no debt.

And more specific to impeachment; the Trump campaign raised $5 million on the day of the impeachment vote – and an additional $10 million in the two days following it. The Republican National Committee has gained 600,000 new donors since the impeachment inquiry began.

For every taxpayer dollar, the Democrats invested in impeachment circus the Trump campaign gained five… in just three days.

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