Report: Trump Set to Take Action on Big Tech Censorship


Since Trump announced his run for president in 2015, big tech has found it necessary to censor his supporters on social media. Now, reports claim that Trump and his administration has had enough and are ready to take action.

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The Trump administration is reportedly about to take direct action against Big Tech giants for their censorship of conservatives and election meddling.

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Interestingly, the move comes amid many Republicans reporting their posts being deleted and accounts being suspended for showing support for the president and for their conservative values.

Last month it was reported that a Trump executive order directed at the likes of Facebook, Google, and Twitter was in the works.

According to the White House, an announcement could be right around the corner.

Facebook and Google lawyers are extremely concerned about any potential executive action but hope to hold it back until after the 2020 election when they hope Democrats would regain control of the White House and crush any investigations or new powers.

Of course, this sparked a lot of “fake news’ from the leftist media. According to them, conservative censorship is a “conspiracy theory.” Facebook and Google claim that they are only banning and censoring “Russian bots.” However, the Democrats consider anyone with conservative views a “Russian bot.”

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The “Russian bot” claim was a cover so they could ban and censor anyone who demonstrated views contrary to their own leftist views.

A potential end-run around Big Tech’s monopoly could involve Trump targeting them for espionage for working with Communist China as well as criminal charges for flagrantly violating privacy laws.

Trump is reportedly impatient and wants action now.

In recent weeks, Trump has repeatedly drawn attention to the work of Dr. Robert Epstein, who has documented that Big Tech bias and algorithmic manipulation can shift millions of votes on election day.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also recently met with U.S. Attorney General William Barr to discuss a range of options including anti-trust action.

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Get ready, things just got REAL!

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The Blue Checkmark Brigade have come out in full force just like we knew that they would. After all, they can’t stand the idea of not having an iron grip on all your information. They don’t want Conservatives to have anything that prevents the big tech oligarchs from spying, censoring, and banning anything that isn’t “politically correct” or is “out of context” as Facebook loves to say as an excuse for suppression.
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