REPORT: ‘Whistleblower’ has STRONG Ties to 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate

According to a report in the Washington Examiner, in addition to being a registered Democrat, the still-unnamed “whistleblower” also has “professional” ties to a 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate.

Interestingly, the anonymous, high-ranking official who claimed, without firsthand knowledge, to have an issue with President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian President, is now looking less and less credible.

Intelligence Community’s inspector general Michael Atkinson wrote a letter in August that stated that the whistleblower had “some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate.”

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Additionally, this information was later confirmed by the Washington Examiner through three independent sources. All these sources spoke of a “significant tie” to a yet to be disclosed, 2020 Democratic candidate.

The implication that the whistleblower could possibly be bias based on his political affiliation has been met with scorn by many on the left, including his lawyer, Mark S. Zaid. After these allegations first emerged, Zaid tweeted “give me a break! Bias? Seriously? Most ppl are.”

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Moreover, now that more info has emerged that goes beyond political affiliation and into a personal relationship with a candidate, President Trump has begun to ask questions about this.

He rightly asks, “Why wasn’t this reported by the ICIG?” The President also reputedly refers to the whole situation as, “a Witch Hunt” and a “Scam”.

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