Republican Lawmakers Say Democrats’ Evidence Against President Trump Is ‘Eroding’


GOP congressmen are coming to the president’s defense amid the ongoing impeachment inquiry. Representative Chris Stewart is saying evidence the Democrats are looking to find against President Trump is “crumbling.” During a Sunday interview, Stewart said there was no evidence building through ongoing impeachment hearings.

He pointed to Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony last week, where she told lawmakers she had no knowledge of criminal activity related to the Trump administration.

The representative accused Democrats of reaching for reasons to impeach President Trump. He added the longer the public hearings go on, the fewer Americans will support impeachment — because the evidence just doesn’t support it.

“I think the Democrats know they’re in trouble on this — which is why we keep moving the goal post,” stated Stewart. “We went from some supposed quid pro quo, and as you said, tying these investigations to withholding military aid — but we know that didn’t happen.”

Breitbart wrote:

On Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s ‘This Week,’ Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) said that evidence against President Donald Trump in the House Democrats impeachment inquiry was ‘crumbling.’

Stewart said, ‘I don’t think the evidence is building at all–and I’m being sincere on this–I think the evidence is crumbling.’ He added, ‘I think the Democrats know they’re in trouble, that’s why they keep moving the goalposts, We went from some supposed quid pro quo and as you said tying the investigations to withholding military aid, but we know that didn’t happen. Now Mrs. Pelosi said we’re going to impeach and remove the president for bribery.

GOP representative Jim Jordan also came to the president’s defense, saying there was never a quid pro quo. On Sunday, Jordan pointed out Ukraine’s president met with U.S. senior officials multiple times before the security aid was released. He said aid was never talked about being linked to investigations in those meetings.

Jordan suggested the funding was released after officials became convinced Ukraine’s president was the “real deal” and not corrupt. He also noted the aid was provided before it actually had to be.

“The Ukrainians did nothing to…get the aid released,” stated Jordan. “There was never this quid pro quo — that the Democrats all promised existed — before President Trump released the phone call.”

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