After Suing CNN, Sandmann’s Legal Team Now Targeting Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, HBO, NBC and AP

Nick Sandmann’s high profile legal team announced Tuesday night they are planning to file a suit every few weeks or month and have at least 10 major targets.

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According to Axios, CNN became the second news outlet sued by Nicholas Sandmann’s representatives over their coverage of his January encounter with a Native American elder in Washington, D.C. and the Covington Catholic student’s lawyer told Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum” Tuesday night they plan to file more lawsuits.

“We plan to file a suit every few weeks or month,”  McMurthy told MacCallum Tuesday night. “At least 10 top targets in the media and individuals … Certainly we’re looking very closely at NBC, we’re looking very closely at AP, we’re looking very closely at HBO for the conduct of Bill Maher, and we’re looking at some of the people like Kathy Griffin who sent out these horrible tweets that are called doxing.”

Sandmann’s legal team is headed by high profile attorney L. Lin Wood and McMurthy’s statements last night seem to follow in step with Woods previous statements just 1 week ago regarding Maher:

In a recent interview Wood stated:

Well, certainly CNN and Bill Maher did things that we consider to have crossed the line. We think the statements they made are defamatory. They’re not humorous,” Wood said. “So certainly Bill Maher is somebody that we’re looking at very carefully, and HBO, for allowing him to make those defamatory statements.”

To understand the depth of the suits, watch as Wood Tells Mark Levin exactly why his team is suing CNN and others.

WATCH McMurthy’s full interview:

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