Secretary of State Mike Pompeo RIPS China, Blames Them for “Hiding” The Coronavirus

Moments ago, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo directly targeted the Chinese Government claiming they hid the Coronavirus and or it’s severity from others.

In his speech he also spoke of disinformation campaigns coming from China, Russia and Iran.

According to The Hill, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday accused China, Russia and Iran of carrying out disinformation campaigns related to the coronavirus pandemic, in what is an apparent effort to sow fear and confusion.

Speaking at the White House, Pompeo described the disinformation campaigns as being “pretty diffused,” saying that the government has seen individuals, as well as the three foreign adversaries, spread false information online.

“There are coordinated efforts to disparage what America is doing and our activity to do all the things President Trump has set into motion,” the secretary said during a press briefing on the coronavirus. 

“It is pretty diffused, unfortunately. But we have certainly seen it come from places like China, and Russia and Iran,” he said.

Pompeo also noted that there is false information being spread about the U.S. government instituting lockdowns.

“I want to talk about the disinformation that people are seeing on Twitter and around the world, some of it coming from governments and other individuals,” Pompeo said at the top of the briefing. “I just urge everyone as they are seeing information that at one time suggested that this virus somehow emanated from the U.S. army, this information about lockdowns that are taking place.”

Pompeo blamed China for “Hiding” the virus.


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